VOGUE Italia Interview with Viviana Vignola


Interview with Viviana Vignola,

Racine Carrée shoe designer

Inhaling the scent of leather and creating exceptional shoes. Here’s Viviana VignolaRacine Carrée shoe designer. Since she was a child, Viviana Vignola of Racine Carrée, has been Inhaling the scent of leather in the family laboratories. Among the different leather goods and accessories, she chose, however, shoes. Fascinated by their structure, as beautiful as architectural, the young designer creates to meet the needs of today’s women: travelers and multitasking. She confesses that whoever wears them, then can do without them. In short, beautiful, but above all comfortable shoes, two qualities that often don’t come together when talking about shoes. Yet, Viviana Vignola succeeded. Read our interview to find out more about this interesting Italian brand, Racine Carrée, dedicated to modern, elegant women who are always in motion.

You come from the leather goods world, your family has an Italian tannery. Why did you choose footwear?
I was born and raised inside the tannery where, since I was a child, I inhaled the scent of the finest leathers. A scent that has never left me and that I will recognise anywhere in an instant. The raw material has always been my passion but the greatest ambition was to create something special, and I can say firmly that the engine of all is passion, that unconditional boost that leads us to make our work unique, to be complemented by expertise; creating something unique from exclusive elements. I have always loved complications and constructions, shoes from a structural point of view, because it is not as simple as it seems. Shoe are the result of an architectural complex process, a perfect balance. Therefore, I took the challenge.

Where does your creation start: from leather or are you inspired by some image or shape?
The sources of inspiration are literally everywhere, if you look at things carefully. I like to look back at the past and reinterpret it. I love to watch the streets of Paris, listen to the clicking of stiletto heels or the unmistakable sound of chunky boots. Sometimes, I look through the eyes of a little girl who gets mesmerized by every single movement. My travels, smells, artworks, but especially women: women are my true source of inspiration.

You studied prototyping, what does knowing every single production stage mean? Is it difficult to start from an idea and arrive to the finished product?
It takes a mix of art and science … really … The search for perfection pushed me from the outset to wanting to know everything about footwear. The prototype is the most complex phase because everything starts from paper, a simple sketch that has to come to life. The creative phase, subsequently, should merge with the research of the structural components, and then mix the two elements perfectly and go to the early stages of assembling the prototype. It takes several repetitions to make it flawless and get to the final sample and finally appreciate the lines and curves when you wear the shoes

What is the main feature of your shoes?
They are unique and irresistible, perfect for a globe trotter, modern woman. And they make my customers feel special. Every woman who wears them, never gives them up.

Is there an icon that you wish she wore your shoes?
“BEAUTIFUL, INTELLIGENT, BOLD, these are Racine Carrée target customers. Without a doubt, my inspirational personality remains Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel, which I define an icon of elegance in motion. A strong woman, who was able to meet and understand the wome’s needs.

How many shoes a woman must have …
The correct question is how many shoe closets a woman must have to put them all away neatly…

And how many do you have?
I can’t even remember now …