Viviana Vignola @Makko

Racine Carrée (“square root”) is the abstraction of the double “V” that represents the name of the Neapolitan designer Viviana Vignola. Having grown up amongst the smell of the finest leathers and the most exclusive materials in the family tannery, Viviana left her career in law to follow her instinct and create shoes that merge the highest quality and the most sophisticated techniques.

Racine Carrée proposes to its customers quality of materials, a sophisticated mix of creativity and elegance, attention to details and a perfect ergonomic line even in the most sensual and daring models. Those creations talk about women, about their dreams and transmit values like sensuality, courage and boldness.
The attention to details and the research of perfection can be found in the words of the designer: “I follow each phase of my footwear’s production process from the very beginning. I even work at night to verify every detail of my shoes, inside and out. I aspire to create shoes that make the wearer feel good, confident with her femininity and provide her with the courage to take risks and make her own decisions”.