Rock Gala at the Hotel Costes

The Fall Winter collection by Racine Carrée is “Rock Gala at Costes”. It is characterized by a bohemian atmosphere, a timeless charm and a sophisticated rock.


The main inspiration comes from a painter who is searching her futuristic inspiration; for this reason a lot of unique elements are represented in the collection: tapestries, stylized floral embroidery, frac, a futuristic spirit. But also the brush slides in total black and white streaks that typically represent the collars of uniforms broked by rock tones, the frivolity of the fur that marks each step.


The typical elements of Hotel Costes such as embroidery curtains are reproduced on different fabrics eel and suede, and they are renovated by a silky and polish effect. Heels and rubber injections make soft the touch and like any star, the detail is in the sole.


A suitable shoe for any type of woman, for any occasion, for any time of the day…So relax, take your time and sip your martini dirty…Let’s start to dream!